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How Do I Get a Pesticide License?

To get a pesticide license there are a few steps to take, but it’s all pretty straightforward. Below is …

Attend a Pesticide School

Pesticide Schools are hosted by the N.C. State Pesticide Safety Education Program with the help of the N.C. Cooperative …

Palmer amaranth response to dicamba.

Dicamba Registration Decision Here

EPA issued a press release on October 27, 2020, approving new five-year over-the-top (for dicamba-tolerant cotton and soybean) registrations …

Auxin Herbicide Required Training

All persons planning to apply dicamba (Engenia, FeXapan, or XtendiMax) to Xtend cotton or soybeans or 2,4-D (Enlist Duo …

Pesticide Storage Concerns During a Flood

Safe pesticide storage is essential, especially in disaster situations. Improperly stored pesticide products can pose significant threats to humans …